Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 12, Winter 2018, Pages 1-352 
1. The Impact of Cyberspace on Lifestyle

Pages 11-31


Fatemeh Bidi (Iran); Dr. Mohammad Hossien Sharifinia (Iran); Dr. Mohammad Hatami (Iran)

4. The Place of Heart Writing in the Educational Policies of Al-Mustafa Open University

Pages 91-114


Dr. Faredeh Rezaee (Iran); Ali Fatemi Manesh (Iran); Shohreh Mokhtari (Iran)

5. Modern Satanism Analysis of Cyberspace

Pages 115-146


Dr. Syed Hasan Imamian (Iran); Ahmad Rafiei (Iran)

8. The Impact of Modern Information Technology on the Development of Religious Education in Iraq (Field Study)

Pages 201-248


Ali Kheiri Taetan (Iraq); Heydar Zohham Jobbar (Iraq); Yaser Hasan Nemer (Iraq)

9. Evaluation Criteria in the Dialogue among Jurisprudential Denominations

Pages 249-280


Abdollah Mohammad Al-Darvish (Syria); Prof. Nidhal Hanash Shabar Al-Saede (Iraq)

10. Allameh Tabatabai's Interpretive Approach in Interaction with Narration

Pages 281-309


Dr. Sajid Sabah Miss Al-Askari (Iraq); Dr. Mohammad Saleiman (France)

12. Cyberspace and the Islamic Way of Life

Pages 339-351


Syedeh Homa Mahdi Ja'fari (Pakistan)