Aims and Scope

1. Theory and Production of Science in the Field of Religion, Life Meaning and Humanities under the Concept of "Pure Life"

2. Deepening and Promoting of Religious and Human Teachings in the Field of Life Meaning and Pure Life

3. Analysis, Critique and Review of Important Ideas and Theories in the Field of Humanities and Life Meaning

4. Presenting Models and Applied Theories of Humanities in the Face of Contemporary Social Challenges and Pure Life in the Modern Age

5. Explaining the Basic Religions Ideas and Systematization based on it in Different Areas of Life

6. Explaining the Theoretical Foundations of the Islamic Republic and the Great Islamic Revolution of Iran in Relation to the Concept of "Pure Life"

7. Creating and Expanding the Scientific and Research in Al-Mustafa International University with Emphasis on Education Life and Religion in Cyber Space

8. Scientific Defense of Religious Teachings and Ideas and Response to Contemporary Doubts in the Field of Life Meaning and Pure Life

Policies and Strategies:
1. The Focus of Abrahamic Religions, the Thoughts and Ideals of Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei and the Discourse of the Great Islamic Revolution of Iran under the Concept of "Pure Life"

2. Observance of Moral and Legal Standards and Norms among the Abrahamic Religions

3. Attention to the Needs and Priorities of Research in the International Arena with a Focus on the Humanities and Pure Life

4. Emphasis on Using the Scientific Capacity of Non-Iranian Professors, Researchers, Scholars and Graduates in Al-Mustafa International University and International Scientific Institutions

5. Emphasis on Preserving the Originalities and Values ​​of the Seminary and Adhering to the General Policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran

6. Respect for Natural and Legal Rights of People 

7. Observance of the Principle of Approximation of Monotheistic Religions and Denominations and Refraining from Raising Challenging Issues of Contrary to Unity

8. Interaction and Cooperation with International Scientific Centers and Domestic and Foreign Publications