IMJPL uses Peer Review Double-Blind to have an impartial review. Having the consideration of the ethical principles of the journal, it is recommended that the respected reviewers follow the guides below:

  1. Staff of IMJPL may be able to note a breach of publication policy or ethical conduct after publication, we rely heavily on the reviewers to detect such problems before publication.
  2. In case of any conflict of interest for the reviewer, please bring it to the attention of IMJPL.
  3. Be wary of plagiarism or attempts to submit/publish similar material more than once.
  4. The deadline for review is 20 days and could be extended for more 10 days.
  5. Reviewers will receive a notification before the review deadline if a review is unfulfilled during the due deadline.
  6. If a review is unfulfilled within the deadline of 1 month, the editorial office cancels the review assignment.
  7. If the reviewer considers general revisions to the articles,the article is referred to him/her again for review after the correction is made by the author.
  8. If the reviewer is considering minor revisions to an article,the article will be reviewed again by the editorial office of the IMJPL after corrections by the author.
  9. The deadline for the review after corrections is 20 days.
  10. Do not propose any new amendments in the review after corrections; unless there are extensive content changes by the author making corrections.
  11. The decision to publish or reject an article will be based on the reviewers' opinion and the editor's final opinion.Also, if there is a disagreement between the two reviewers, the article will be sent to the third reviewer with the editor's idea.
  12. Take the following steps to login Publons website as a reviewer:
    • Refer to Publons website at
    • Login to your panel.
    • Click on your dashboard on the top right side of the page.
    • Click on "affiliation" on the left.
    • Add your name to the editorial board in IMJPL.
    • Add other journals or conferences details if you are/were the editor/reviewer.
    • Finally, click on "Save Changes".