International Multidisciplinary Journal of Pure Life (IMJPL) Promoting the level of scientific research related to the Humanities and the Meaning of Life, seeks to facilitate and develop the relationship among researchers who are doing studies on humanities and divine religions. Unlike predatory journals whose focus is on making money by the publication of works mainly written by university faculty members and charging authors under the name of APC, this journal welcomes all scientific standard papers in the scope of the journal from scholars, researchers and professors around the world and publishes articles for free regardless of religion, gender, academic rank and any other discrimination only upon the issuance of the letter of acceptance after peer reviews by two editors of the journal. All required international standards have been considered to prevent any discrimination and create an open scientific space to fulfil the slogan of the Al-Mustafa International University, which is to have the authority on the international science and propagation, and production of science and software movement in the Islamic world. As of now, many of the editorial staff and authors who have published their articles in the journal are priests, Christians and followers of various religions and denominations. This international quarterly according to License ID 74327 E-Rasaneh (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance/ Date: 2/3/2015) it Registrated at the Level of "Licensed Journals". Also, based on the approval of the Juournals Evaluation Council, Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), on 01/06/2021, this Juournal from Issue 1, is indexed in this center.

IMJPL belongs to Al-Mustafa International University, and journal's revenue sources are also covered by the same publisher. The managing editor of the journal is Dr. Saeid Arjmandfar (Assistant Prof. Of Al-Mustafa International University and President of Al-Mustafa Open University); and the editor in chief of the journal is Prof. Saeid Nazari Tavakoli (Prof. at the University of Tehran).


Row About IMJPL Description
1 Journal Title International Multidisciplinary Journal of Pure Life (IMJPL)
2 Country of Publication Iran, Qom
3 Period of Publication Quarterly
4 Type of Publication Electronic
5 Language of the Journal English
6 Journal Languages Records 7 Languages for 23 Issue (Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, French, Azeri and Turkish)

The First Issue Published

May 2015

Papers Types

Research, Applied, Review, Case-Studies, Methodological, Model Design, Theorizing, and Papers derived from Theses

Specialized Field

The Meaning of Life and Pure Life in the Modern Age
10 Thematic Priorities
  • Comparative and Multidisciplinary Studies in the field of Religion and Life
  • Life Style
  • Dialogue between Religions and Denominations
  • Propagation (Tabligh) in Cyber Space

How to Submit Papers

Through the Journal Website

Review Process

Double Blind Peer Review (Two Evaluators)

Standard Method of Citing Sources


The Duration of Evaluation

Three Months (12 Weeks)
15 Cost of Evaluation Free
16 Open Access Yes, Free Access to All Papers
17 Journal Address Al-Mustafa Open University (Secretariat of journal), between 4th & 6th South Saheli St., Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran
18 PO. Box 3713913554
19 Tel +982532114174
20 Fax +982532613875
21 Contact Hours

Saturday to Thursday

(09 am-13 pm)

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