Cyberspace and the Islamic Way of Life

Document Type : Specialized Article


Bachelor of Shi'a Studies, Hoda College of Al-Zahra University, Qom, Iran



The use of the Internet, cyberspace and related technologies is not possible without the cultural identity and litigation of our society and without it the promotion of values, beliefs and religious tendencies and in other words the new generation of "Islamic way of life" There are obvious difficulties and challenges in the process. This technology has opened up many new horizons for us, thanks to which its importance cannot be denied, but with a real life, a new and virtual life has been born, the effects of which are gradually taking place in the society. The study will look at the impact of the Internet and cyberspace on the younger generation, which poses a significant threat to the way of life in Islamic society.


Main Subjects

1-      جماعت و و من ڈاٹ اور آرجی۔
2-      روزنامه اساس۔
3-      روزنامه نوائے وقت۔