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Subject: Islamic Studies in Religion and Life
Languages: Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, English, French, Azerbaijani and Turkish
First Issue Published: 2014
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ISSN: 2676-7619

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 21, Spring 2020 

6. Sex Stories Analysis in Cyberspace

Pages 123-135

Sayyed Mahmoud Mortazavi Hashtroodi; Mohammad Ali Mombieni; Jalal Eraghi

8. The Quality of Aesthetics on Religious Websites

Pages 163-186

Samira SaefAli; Asghar FahimiFar; Amir Abdoreza Sepangi

11. İslamda Siyasət və Idarəetmə

Pages 261-295

Əzimov İlqar Qurban oğlu