Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 26 - Serial Number 2, Spring 2021, Pages 1-132 
1. Differences in the Issue of “Atheism” Among the People of the World

Pages 13-30


Suzan Fahs (England); Mohammad Hussein Hasan al-Askari (Austria)

2. A Critical and Analytical Approach to the Relativity of Religious Knowledge

Pages 31-68


Naima Reggad (USA); Dr. Mazen Mohammad (Syria); Bashaar Asad (Syria); Abdollah Sulayman (Syria)

4. Ethical Principles of Social Activity of Muslim Women

Pages 83-97


Zakieh-Sadat Hosseini (Afghanistan); Dr. Syed Hasan Emamian (Iran); Dr. Tofiq Asadov (Azerbaijan)

5. The Position and Application of Jurisprudential Expedience in the Media

Pages 99-110


Abedin Siyahat Esfandiari (Iran); Dr. Mohammad Ali Heidari (Iran); Dr. Ahmad Reza Tavakoli (Iran)