Corona and Human Civilization

Document Type: Takhasosi


1 B.A student / Al-Mustafa International University

2 Assistant Professor / Al-Mustafa International University


Coronavirus is a natural, new virus whose origin is little known; But it has affected human life on a large scale in civilization, so far in just a few months of its life it has infected millions, killed hundreds of thousands and disrupted the normal flow of life on earth for humans. Given the wide-ranging effects that the coronavirus has had on human life, research on it is of great importance in terms of its origin, dimensions of impact, and environmental future. In this study, the corona virus has been studied descriptively and in a library and has achieved the following points:
Corona is a mysterious phenomenon that has so far infected millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands, has become a pandemic and has become the most important event of the century.
So far, three types of civilizations have reacted to Corona; Eastern civilization, Islamic civilization and Western civilization, the first two civilizations, although fundamentally different; But because of the emphasis on morality and spirituality, they have acted responsibly and successfully in the face of Corona.
- All current human civilizations, despite their differences and advantages over each other; Even Islamic civilization, in order to act better and be more humane, must answer more questions about their beliefs, thoughts and actions, and in various fields of civilization, it is necessary to reflect and review.


Main Subjects

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