General Conditions of Writing
All authors participating in an article must be qualified to write scientifically. The order of inclusion of the names of the authors will be by their joint decision. Adequate participation of all authors in an article is also required; In such a way that the authors must read and confirm the final version of the article and submit it to IMJPL.

Number of Authors
There is no limitation to the number of authors of an article in IMJPL journal; conditioning that all the authors of an article have a scientific contribution in writing and compiling the article, however it shouldn’t exceed as it appears to include fake authors’ names.

International Diversity
Regardless of religion, gender, academic rank and any other discrimination, IMJPL welcomes articles by Iranian and international authors and researchers from the five continents. Emphasis on international diversity is an important principle for this publication.

Changes in the Text of the Submitted Article
If the author or authors of an article request changes in content and form or add or reduce the names of the authors before the final approval of the article for publication; It is necessary to send the application to the IMJPL Editor or Secretariat after filling out the author / authors commitment form and signing it in accordance with the rules of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE).


IMJPL is available to all Iranian and international authors and researchers with a free access policy, and the accepted submissions are free to read, reuse, download, copy, distribute, and share as long as the author(s) of the manuscript are credited. IMJPL will ask all authors of the acceptance article to sign a Authors’ Agreement and Commitment Form Form for granting the necessary publishing rights once the manuscript has been accepted. The accepted manuscript is moved into production after the agreement transfer from the relevant author of the manuscript is received; Because the author(s) publish their manuscript as open access, the author(s) retain(s) certain rights such as patents, trademarks, and designs. The conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, dictating what others can do with the author(s) manuscript after it is published. Furthermore, after being properly attributed, the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License allows for unrestricted use, distribution, modification, and reproduction in any medium.

Conflict of Interest
The authors are required to fill out and sign the conflict of interest form in accordance with the IMJPL criteria and submit it along with the original article.

Dealing with Complaints and Appeals
IMJPL will investigated your complaint requests in the event of allegations of misfunction and any other problem. Complaints and requests regarding to modify the articles of which published in IMJPL or other issues due to the journal should be sent to the journal's secretariat or to the Editor-in-Chief.

The budget of IMJPL are supplied by the Publisher.