1 MSc Student in Department of History, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Tabriz University, East Azerbaijan, Iran, (Corresponding Author)

2 Associate Prof. in Department of History, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, University of Tabriz, Iran


SUBJECT AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this research is to analyze the content of the articles in the International Multidisciplinary Journal of Pure Life (IMJPL) and answer the question about the characteristics and specifications of the articles and the authors of the articles.
METHOD AND FINDING: In the present research, the content analysis method is used as a descriptive method. The statistical population of this research is the ten published issues of the IMJPL since the journal was promoted to the rank and its articles became English i.e. number 23 to number 32, and the statistical sample of this research included 60 articles published in these issues. The unit of analysis, was the relevant topics of the 11-question checklists of this research in the quarterly articles. The method of this research was collected by referring to the titles and contents, citations of the articles, and the required information. The data were analyzed using collection tools and descriptive statistics such as data classification according to frequency distribution and frequency percentage using SPSS software version 26.
CONCLUSION: 80% of the articles were written as a group, men are so active than women, and 19 are faculty members, also among the participating countries, Iran with 71 authors, 93% of qualitative articles, 82% were descriptive-analytical articles, Islamic Azad University and Al-Mustafa International University With ten authors, The Meaning of Life with 24 articles, keywords: life with 11 repetitions, had the most quantity and the qualitative analysis of the articles was also reviewed.


Main Subjects

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