Department of Philosophy, Theology and Religions, College of Farabi, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, and PhD of Public Administration


SUBJECT AND OBJECTIVES: The natural nature of man in the real world tends towards goodness, which when this desire leads to society, turns individual goodness into collective goodness and demands interaction and peace for all; A category that, according to the ugliness that occurs in the world of earthly and by human beings due to personal interests, creates  confrontation between human beings, which is rooted in the contradiction between “Truth and Void”, which is placed in the interior of the creation; The two words of confrontation, which indicate the existence of truth and the non-existence of void, and the oppressor and the oppressed, find their meaning and identity in proportion to this division.
METHOD AND FINDING: In this research, with an interdisciplinary approach and descriptive research method of case study and documentary, with historical-analytical focus, the problem was investigated, which considering the importance of one of the examples of research, the historical events of the contemporary West were examined in the form of a case study and its political philosophy with hundred examples; Therefore, the research findings confirm the harmful approach of this type of sovereignty in the life and Happiness of humans beings and human societies.
CONCLUSION: Findings of research and display of hundred historical events centered on the West in the contemporary era and its role in humans life, is the opposite of the nature of the Great Islamic Revolution of Iran, which considers happiness in the path of meaning to humans life and human societies is an inevitable task. The same railing has entered the policy-making and field of action.


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