1 Student in Department of Dental Prosthetic Science, Faculty of Dentistry, The Open University, Walton Hall, England

2 PhD in Radio Communication, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Design, University of Bath, Somerset, UK


SUBJECT AND OBJECTIVES: The United Nations, has turned its process of sexual education into a model of globalization of family values and culture. There is an attempt to impose a system that forces its interests and political system on the entire world. For example, in the United Kingdom, all primary-aged children are required to learn about relationships and sex education (RSE), including topics around homosexuality. Another example is France, has obligatory sexual education discussions in all public schools whilst also banning wearing headscarf.
METHOD AND FINDING: The uncertainty and contradiction that arose in western circles over the issue of sexual education resulted in a moral struggle over the nature of the sexual education curriculum, its contents, who is learning it, who is providing it, and the right age to present topics. On the other hand, the clash of religious beliefs with the new educational system in the west has sparked a fierce backlash among faith-based groups, because western sexual education is based on principles and foundations that are contrary to Islamic teachings. Role or importance towards religious education leading to the question: What is the purpose of sex education, and is religions an impediment? Leads to the finding that religion paves the way for science, and this is the function of sex education based on religious teachings in the pure life of modern man.
CONCLUSION: There is no religious prohibition against parents or educators directing and raising a child sexually as a scientific subject, if the education takes place in a calm and purposeful manner, away from the excitement of some methods of application and embodiment, and in an atmosphere of mixing males and females as in western societies. As a result, are left with sexual delight rather than sex education.


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