Did God is alone and there was nothing else with Him?

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Master of Interpretation and Qur’an Sciences, Al-Mustafa Open University



Among the issues that should be discussed and clarifying its truths and mysteries is the issue of the divine subject in terms of the properties of the duty of existence, which differs from what the enablers are characterized by in terms of need, composition, circumference, limitation, and how the formation of existence and its essence And since the effects of many questions call for the clarification of the following questions: Who created God? What is God? Where is God? Why do not we see God? Since the answers are no more than not convincing, and since the new generation demands a clear answer and limiting those answers to examples from reality, it is worthwhile for us to delve into this path, and to refute the examples and the statement; Although these topics require a background in logic, philosophy and some type of beliefs, we should use the method of adequate brevity as much as possible and limiting and clarifying issues so that any ambiguity and no compromise will be removed except with God Almighty.


Main Subjects

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  2. مفاتیح الجنان.
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