Investigating the Relationship between Natural Disasters and Divine Justice with Emphasis on Coronavirus

Document Type: Takhasosi


Undergraduate Student of Islamic Kalam, Al-Mustafa International University, Isfahan Branch



Every phenomenon in the universe is realized according to the divine will and providence, and God exercises his will according to the law of causality and causes, and material causes are part of the divine will and a subset of God's providence; Therefore, just as the occurrence of natural disasters is due to natural causes and according to the system of divine will, preventing its occurrence or reducing its destructive effects is also based on material laws and under the system of divine providence.
Accordingly, in the present article, by examining and analyzing natural disasters such as Corona virus with divine justice, while explaining the meaning and use of key words of research and responding to doubts related to divine justice and natural disasters, it was stated that the purpose of natural disasters such as Floods, earthquakes, and epidemics such as the Corona virus are not the only divine torment; Rather, it entails numerous effects such as the recollection of divine blessings, the awakening from the sleep of negligence, the flourishing of talents, the continuation of life on earth, and the torment of the oppressors, and other aspects, all of which can be considered as natural disasters. Moreover, the occurrence of such events is not only not in conflict with divine justice, but is the same as divine justice; Because divine punishment is also revealed according to the divine tradition and the system of causes and effects.


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