Religious and Quranic Concepts and Values in Epidemics; Challenges and Opportunities

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The religion of Islam is the religion of reason, wisdom, rationality and logic, and in its heavenly book, which is the Holy Quran, all the necessary solutions and instructions have been sent to human beings, whose meanings can be achieved with deep contemplation and happiness. And in the case of coronary heart disease, the Holy Quran has practical solutions that have been tried to be expressed in a simple, eloquent and prolific manner; Therefore, the book is evangelism, guidance, humanity, evolution and thinking, and leads human beings to a safe and beautiful life, full of peace, health and well-being. For this reason, whenever and at all times the words and instructions of the Holy Qur'an were followed, happiness and bliss flowed to human beings, and whenever the Qur'an was abandoned, various problems, diseases and sufferings afflicted human beings.
On the other hand, God Almighty is always ready to help human beings and believers, and His grace is vast, and although human beings delay meeting and worshiping God; But God is always so-called online and waiting for the message of the bondage of human beings; Therefore, in difficulties and hardships, he does not abandon man and looks at his servants with a kind look. Servants may sometimes neglect God; But God Almighty never neglects His servants.
Accordingly, the plagues and problems and diseases such as influenza, coronavirus and other diseases are also to be tested and evaluated by the servants that if the hope for a bright future and hope for life in society is injected, this virus can be defeated. And defeated it. In this article, an attempt was made to examine the opportunities and challenges of dealing with such emerging diseases by relying on the verses of the Holy Quran.


Main Subjects

  1. قرآن کریم.
  2. نهج البلاغه.
  3. سعدی شیرازی، ابومحمد مشرف الدین. مواعظ. برنامه گنجور.