Politics and Governance in Islam

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MA of the Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Al-Mustafa International University, Qom, Iran



Politics affects all areas of human life. It is not only the most delicate document, it is also an important element of human self-affirmation as a social being. Aristotle said, "There is no society without politics." "Man is a social and political animal." It is impossible to live in a society and not be dependent on politics. The term "politics" originated in ancient Greece from the word police, meaning city, state. In Aristotle's La Politika, "whatever belongs to the state" is called politics. Aristotle's Politics is considered the starting point in Western political philosophy. This was the first major scientific work of the Greek philosopher, which systematically analyzed the different types of political regimes, the meaning of citizenship and the role of education in political life. According to Aristotle, man living in society is a political being. The state naturally arises from the family and establishes and implements the relations of power and subordination (master and slave, husband and wife, father and children) on a new level. Thus, the word "politics" is widespread in the Azerbaijani language as an ambiguous word. There is a direct correlation between the social structure and the conduct of war, because wars involve the formation of a special group: the state is ruled by philosophers. There are fair laws here.


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