The Research Paper in the Syberspace Metaphorical and Strategic Axes for the Spread of Islamic Religion

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Student at the Branch of Islamic Sharia/ Al-Mustafa Open University



The methods of Islamic advocacy vary and vary according to the diversity of time and place, and this is one of the axioms that are inevitable for the sane of them, and heavenly messages have walked and written on the same approach; in addition to that they have taken into account the mental and cognitive level of their nations, and this is what calls us to choose the concept of “objective circumstance »For nations, which is more comprehensive than the difference and the temporal and qualitative diversity.
The supreme purpose and objectives have an entry point in choosing the various and different ways and mechanisms in the way of marketing their goods, so how if the commodity touches the human needs of the person, then the marketing becomes very important, and one of the most important things that marketing and publishing and advertising and advocacy is the element of attraction, and it is the element of attraction, Another element: the payment element, and based on this, the element of attraction must have components that enable it to enter the depths of the soul and mind of the target personality, and it is not envisaged that what is meant by entering here is to enjoy the components in the same elements and the personality of the message and the invitation, this is a foregone conclusion. Rather, it is intended His ability to take the lead in directing others, and this means that the personal elements of the message are qualified and able to take the lead and lead.
Today, the tremendous changes that take place in the world include all aspects of life, and the challenge has become significant to attract simple naive souls to the presence of truth, given the large number of teachers and the methods that present themselves as a valid scientific, knowledge and behavioral incubator for humankind, and the situation is not limited to the level of providing various commercial materials In different ways, and in attractive ways, companies try to present their goods in the most beautiful way, this was made from high competition between the accumulation of global, regional and local companies, and competition in the world was not limited to the level of commercial merchandise, but also entered the world of spirits, so the schools that became The self is concerned with the development, development, management and leadership of many and many, until it has what it has to trade in marketing and advertising in various ways and methods.
We, the owners of the Islamic school, where we enjoy the truth of facts and are proud of this, impose on us the beauty of accumulating these facts, bearing the responsibility of disseminating and marketing them in the global challenge market in a way that suits the nature of the beauty of accumulating facts, and, praise be to God Almighty It makes it the leader in the world of acceptance of its knowledge and even qualifies it to be the first on the face of the globe in a race and the field of acceptability for all human beings, and that for what the psyche and mind and spirit of human beings have longed for and the innate desire to display true, beautiful and complete knowledge, and thus no one of humanity With its marketing method, as it has cultures and information to reach the level of real facts, and to the level of true beauty of knowledge.
In the previous century, the means of communication and communication between people appeared, which made the world interconnected in an amazing network. You almost feel that you are in one house that separates you from the other between a wall and a door. Rather, the situation has arrived. You almost feel that you are in the presence of others in your neighborhood. It is strange for those who bear the responsibility of the Islamic call, because such an atmosphere of the subjectivity of the heavenly messages, where the network of the sky is interconnected from the beginning of the creation of the world today and tomorrow, in addition to the universality of this networked connectivity with all the components of existence, and this is all connected in a wonderful and all way with the Creator of existence. The matter is that the preacher must be A testament to the employment of that pure heavenly message in a material world in which mental perceptions differ, and the elements of the challenge increase to it, which one might think that one who has no experience in the world of the heavenly messages is impossible to succeed, but the one who is connected to the sky knows that this does not present any challenge because he possesses The reins of success and victory in the market of true existential knowledge.
This research attempts to shed some light on the issues that have been advanced, in the hope of expansion in them, God willing, later.


Main Subjects

1. استخدام الموارد فی النص
2. نوع التحریر: نظرة عامة
3. تصنیف الموارد للتحلیل