Syberspace is the Medium in which Computer Networks Exist and through which Electronic Communication Takes Place

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Knowledge is that assertive belief that matches reality with the formation of an image of something in the mind, and if knowledge is the awareness of something then it includes many fields and knowledge that are in one way or another consistent, harmonious and interconnected as near and far, and science is a world full of surprises, mysteries and wonders Human beings from philosophers, wise, and theoretical people to study the concept of science and lay the foundations for it after it had existed since the Prophet Adam’s descent, but without a title.
Why do you want this?
A question that contains an answer in the original is one word, but it may be a secret of God Almighty, one word that summarizes thousands of texts and phrases is desire, for desire is the first motivation of the human soul to seek anything, the desire to enter the committee, marriage, money and wealth, not disobedience Success, fostering friendships, leadership, smoking, social standing, knowledge, and other things that cannot be achieved and accomplished if the desire does not exist, so what is their relationship to science then?
The desire to learn and knowledge is what drives the researcher or student and urges him to search for what is unknown and what is not available, and here it may be noted that the desire percentage varies with the desired difference, we may find when someone that the desire for money and wealth is much greater than his desire in Promote friendships, and this is what his body, soul, mind, and passion will work on automatically, which is to search for money and wealth in various areas, to find what follows after the partial correlation between money and the enhancement of friendships, how then if he has the desire to draw closer to God?
Then he will also find that his spirit, body, mind, and passion work automatically on all levels to reach what is desired, and among these works, writing this article to the International Conference of the University of Mustafa, my desire to draw close to God and religious learning motivate me to search in various parts through a way that leads to you. On the desire, but on the ways that lead to the realization of the desire, for example, how was it that I came to you from Africa without what the first electronic doors reached to the electronic space, and in our days this space has become the primary link between people and thus between the minds to exchange information and facilitate the exchange .
Electronic space and what you realize is the electronic space, by which you approach God and move away from him, each according to his desire, for this space has advantages and disadvantages, and when talking about religious learning through this space, we encounter bad things.
Many enemies of God spread the fallacies in the religious equations of a particular religion in order to challenge beliefs and approaches, but with the presence of many reliable and legitimate pages that derive their legitimacy from the concerned authorities, such as Al-Mustafa University, then this problem can be avoided, and this also requires, in this way, the conscience here, It is through this space that the required awareness can be spread to the researcher.
Electronic space, a beautiful space in which you get what you want according to your desire, looking, looking, getting close, you reap what you want, dock on any galaxy you want, be aware and ask what you want.


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