Nutrition Style of Prophet Muhammad(saww) (By Relying on Eating and Drinking Habits)

Document Type: Takhasosi


1 MA Student of Islamic Studies/ Al-Mustafa Open University

2 Researcher/ Almustafa International University



There is a great deal of research has been conducted on how to eat and drink in Islam. This research article will cover prophet Mohammad(saww) eating and drinking habits as well as the etiquette, including how he eat, what kind of food he loved, the amount eaten, with whom he loved to eat, eating etiquette such as calling Allah’s name before each meal, ending the meal by praising the lord, hygiene, and avoiding wastefulness. Since Prophet Mohammad(saww) was sent from God to deliver the message of God to help people to reach perfection in their life, He is the role model for all mankind in every aspect of life.
Through this paper, the need to learn good eating and drinking habits will be discussed by taking evidence from Islamic sources. This evidence then is further reinforced through the clear understanding of the hadith through various sources. Lastly, conclusion of the paper sums up the discussion and presents recommendations through which the element of etiquettes of eating and drinking can be effectively incorporated in one’s life.


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