A Good Friend in Islam

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1 Ma Islamic Studies/ Al-Mustafa Open University

2 Manger of E-learning Content‎/ Al-Mustafa Open University


Through this paper, the need of a good friend has been ‎discussed by taking evidence from Islamic sources. This ‎evidence then is further reinforced through the discussion of ‎sociological, cognitive and psychological research findings. ‎The introduction of this paper briefly sheds light on how Islam ‎is a complete code of life and how friends have played an ‎important role in expanding and sustaining this code. ‎
Furthermore the introduction shortly discusses the need for ‎friends as identified via contemporary sociological research. ‎The main theme of the presents references from the Holy Quran ‎and Sunnah through which the need of having and being a good ‎friend in human life is critically explored. Lastly, conclusion of ‎the paper sums up the discussion and presents ‎recommendations through which the element of friendship can ‎be effectively incorporated in one’s life. ‎


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