Exploring English Translations of Quran, Chapter Al-Falaq with an Explanatory Model of Word Selection via take a look at Google Translate Chosen Words

Document Type: Takhasosi


1 Professor/ AL-Mustafa International University

2 Researcher/ Howzeh Language Center of Qom


Background and objectives: This study demonstrate the impact of cyberspace and its facilities, such as Google Translate, on the boundless realm of English translations. Particularly English translations of the most sophisticated text like a chapter (Al-Falaq) of Quran has been targeted to analyze cyberspace role in this regard.
Methods: In form of tables, 57 translation of Quran including the one offered by Google Translate has been gathered. These translations were being compared in tables with four section:

Number of translations,
Percent of frequency.

Then section 2 eliminated and delivered to the references. Considering the numbers and percentages after each table a discussion about the meaning and regulations of words in Arabic language is appeared and offered the best equivalence for each word. In comparison with the Google Translate suggestions these discussions indicate how much it is efficient,

reliable and qualified to use Google translate as a tool of cyberspace for convey the meanings.
Result and conclusion: Based on findings of the article and comparable tables, the preferred translation for Chapter         Al-Falaq is as following:
In the name of Allah, the All- merciful, the Gracious.
1. Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak.
2. and from the evil of whatever He has created.
3. and from the darkness when it falls.
4. and from those who blow in the knots.
5. and from the envier when he envies.
In conclusion according to preferred translation above and its analogy with Google Translate suggested words it seems that Google translate is yet to be a perfect machine capable of giving the suitable translations and a translator with a reasonable sense of distinction between similar conditions and parts of speech cannot yet be replaced by a translation machine with no senses. 


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