1. Article must include following sections:

  • Title
  • Author(s) Profile
  • key Words
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • The Main Research Question
  • Research Method
  • Article Structure
  • Conclusion
  • List of References

2. Only those articles will be considered which had not been published before and their authors have not been obligated not to publish them elsewhere.

3. The articles that can be published in IMJPL include: Research Articles, Applied Articles, Review Articles with a Comparative Approach, Case-Studies, Methodological Articles, Articles Related to Model and Pattern Design, Articles Resulting from Theorizing, and Articles derived from Dissertations and Theses.

4. Responsibility of scientific and legal authenticity of the articles will rest upon the corresponding author.

5. The right to accept or reject an article is reserved for the IMJPL.

6. Final approval for an article to be published will be made by the editorial board after the recommendation of referees. The arbitration process is “Double Blind Peer Review”.

7. Length of an article must be 7 pages at least and 30 pages at most where each page contains 250 words.

8. Quotations and adaptations from articles of the IMJPL, with reference to the source, are allowed.

9. To write an English article, be “Times New Roman” font with the size of 14pt should be used.

10. References should be arranged alphabeticaliy and should be listed as follows:

  • Book: Surname, Name (Year of Publication). Title (With “Bold” Font Style). Name of Translator (If Applicable). Volume. Edition. Place of Publication: Name of Publisher.
  • Article: Surname, Name (Year of Publication). Title (With “Bold” Font Style). Name of the Journal. Publication Period. Journal Number: Number of Pages.

11. Endorsement of references related to sources in the text should be made in from of (Name of Author, Year of Publication: Page Number).

12. References of each page, such as the Latin equivalent of specialized vocabulary, idioms and side descriptions should be included in the footnote of the same page.

13. The author is required to send his / her educational details and academic rank along with sending the article to the address of the IMJPL:


14. When the paper is published, an electronic version of the published issue will be sent/emailed by IMJPL Secretariat to the author(s).

15. Processing, reviewing and publishing articles of authors in IMJPL is free.

16. In the case of any financial supporting, the supporter information should be mentioned in the acknowledgment section by the author(s).

Refer to the Following Addresses in order to Send the Authors’ Agreement and Commitment Form, Conflict of Interest and Authorship Conformation Form and Source Writing Method (APA):